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15kW 8bar 74cfm Airquip VSD Rotary Screw Compressor with tank and dryer EPM 15/8FF

$14,750.00 inc. GST

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Product Specifications
Brand Airquip
Power Source Electric
Pump Type Screw
Screw Type Variable Speed
Phase Three
Power (HP) 20
Power (kW) 15
Amperage 32
Tank Size 500
Min Pressure (PSI) 120
Max Pressure (PSI) 120
Min Pressure (Bar) 8
Max Pressure (Bar) 8
Capacity (CFM) 74
Capacity (L/sec) 34.8
Capacity (L/min) 2088
FAD (CFM) 74
FAD (L/sec) 34.8
FAD (L/min) 2088

Airquip VSD Screw Compressor with tank and dryer 15/8FF 15kW 8bar 74cfm EPM 15/8FF

Introducing our cutting-edge Airquip VSD Screw Compressor, meticulously engineered to deliver a multitude of user benefits that redefine industry standards.

The Airquip VSD Screw Compressor with tank and dryer is a variable speed rotary screw compressor. With 15KW of power and a working pressure of 8 bar, this oil injected VSD Screw Compressor meets the compressed air demands of workshops, tire shops, paint shops, car dealers and maintenance shops and more.

Experience the pinnacle of compressor technology with our VSD Screw Compressor – where reliability, quality, and simplicity converge to elevate your operations to new heights.


  • Reliability – Crafted with reliable components ensuring trouble-free operation and longevity. Experience whisper-quiet performance of this VSD Screw Compressor thanks to an independent cooling fan and asymmetric profile rotors, reducing operational disturbances.
  • Uncompromised Quality – Built to the highest standards with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance, alongside OHSAS 18001 compliance. Features a world-renowned screw element and an electric motor with a proven track record, ensuring uncompromised quality and reliability. This VSD Screw Compressor is equipped with a vertical separator tank for optimal performance and space utilisation.
  • Simplicity – Designed with simplicity in mind, our VSD Screw Compressor has a base-mounted configuration saving valuable operating space while offering a plug-and-play solution. Navigate effortlessly with a user-friendly controller and enjoy direct drive functionality for seamless operation.
  • Easy Serviceability – Accessible from the front side for hassle-free maintenance, with a vertical cooler and easy-to-reach pre-filters simplifying cleaning tasks. With service and cleaning streamlined into a one-person job, downtime is minimised, ensuring continuous productivity.
  • Safety – Prioritising user safety, this VSD Screw Compressor features include an emergency stop button, fault shutdown and alarm functions, and motor overload protection for peace of mind during operation.
  • Smart Technical Advantages – Experience greater yield, efficiency, and reliability with asymmetric profile rotors and precision-engineered sealing. Manage operations effortlessly with a user-friendly 7″ color controller offering intuitive functions and programmed timer options.
  • Drivetrain System -Benefit from an innovative air-cooled permanent magnet motor and a direct 1:1 drive to the air-end design, optimising energy efficiency and minimising transmission losses.
  • Cooling System – Engineered for reliability in diverse conditions, our compressor operates efficiently at up to 46°C ambient temperature, with a professional exhaust flow design ensuring optimal cooling.
  • Inverter Technology – Our smart inverter technology adapts to real-time air demands, ensuring rapid response and energy efficiency, reducing operating costs.
  • Tank Mounted Refrigerant Dryer – Enjoy clean, moisture-free air with our tank-mounted dryer system, protecting your equipment from rust and condensation-related failures.
  • Total Solution Installation – Simplify installation with our integrated design, combining the compressor, dryer, and air receiver into a single station for convenience and efficiency.
  • Professional Compressed Air Flow – Optimise performance with a compressed air flow designed for effective condensation removal, ensuring dry air for precision instruments and tools.
  • Compact Layout – Maximise space utilisation with a compact footprint design, featuring a large 500L air receiver for efficient VSD operation without sacrificing performance.

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VSD Compressors - Frequency Asked Questions

VSD stands for Variable speed drive (sometimes called variable frequency drive or regulated speed). VSD compressors use an intelligent drive system to continuously alter the motor speed to match the air demand.
The biggest advantage of a VSD air compressor is energy savings. A fixed speed compressor always draws the amount of power needed to meet the maximum compressed air demand. VSD will ramp down RPM, and therefore power consumption, when demand for compressed air is lower.
When demand fluctuates, a VSD compressor that varies its speed is much more energy efficient than a fixed-speed compressor that can only run flat out. While VSD compressors cost more up front, they pay back the added investment through energy savings.
Variable speed compressors work by using an inverter to speed up or slow down the motor according to air demand. Instead of all the power going directly into a traditional compressor (which runs at a fixed speed), the inverter provides the compressor with a specific voltage, essentially saving energy.
Product Specifications
Brand Airquip
Power Source Electric
Pump Type Screw
Screw Type Variable Speed
Phase Three
Power (HP) 20
Power (kW) 15
Amperage 32
Tank Size 500
Min Pressure (PSI) 120
Max Pressure (PSI) 120
Min Pressure (Bar) 8
Max Pressure (Bar) 8
Capacity (CFM) 74
Capacity (L/sec) 34.8
Capacity (L/min) 2088
FAD (CFM) 74
FAD (L/sec) 34.8
FAD (L/min) 2088


Airquip VSD Screw Compressor with tank and dryer 15/8FF 15kW 8bar 74cfm EPM 15/8FF

Technical Specifications

Model EPM 15/8FF
KW 15 | 20 HP
Working pressure 8 bar | 115 psi | 800 kpa
CFM 74 | 2.1 m3/min
Tank capacity 500L
Filters included Yes
Phase 3
Air Dryer Included
Oil Injected Yes

User benefits

– Reliable components
– Quiet and trouble-free operation
– Independent cooling fan
– Asymmetric profile rotors

Uncompromised Quality
– ISO 9001· ISO 14001 quality assurance
– OHSAS 18001 quality assurance
– World renowned screw element
– Industry proven electric motor
– Vertical separator tank

– Base mounted design with minimum foot print for spaces with limited operating space
– Simple controller
– Direct drive
– Offers a simple plug-and-play solution

Easy Serviceability
– Easy access from front side
– Vertical cooler for easy cleaning, easy access pre filters
– Service and cleaning is a one person job

– Emergency stop button
– General alarm
– Fault shut down & alarm function
– Reverse polarity/rotation protection
– Maintenance alarm
– Motor overload protection

Smart technical advantages

Asymmetric profile rotors mounted on high quality ball and roller bearings. High degree of sealing and the fine tolerances guarantees
– Greater yield
– High efficiency
– Long life & reliability
– Lasting performance

Simple user friendly 7″ colour controller with outstanding functions
– Colour coded on/off buttons
– Simple LCD display with touch screen
– Service warnings
– Fault indication & re-set function
– Programmed timer on/off function

Drivetrain system
– Innovation technology air cooled permanent magnet motor
– 1:1 directly drive to the air-end design, enhancing minimum transmission chemical loss
– IE4 and IE5 motors contribute to reduce energy consumption

Cooling system
– Designed for operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 46°c
– Large aluminium material cooling capacity
– Professional exhaust flow design brings high cooling efficiency

– Strict selection based on the verification from market industry applications
– Smart inverter detects the compressor air needs in real time with rapid response
– Quick response to the regulation system for a perfect match of every working peak

Tank mounted Refrigerant dryer
– Tank mounted dryer combination to limit the moisture content in compressed air, supplied with pre and post dryer filters
– Protect piping system and end side equipment from rust and possible failure caused by condensation

Tank mounted dryer system (1 station) solution advantage

Total solution installation
– Screw compressor, refrigerant dryer and 500L air receiver combined design for the convenience of 1 station installation

Professional compressed air flow
– Compressed air from screw compressor through to air receiver for 1st step condensation removal, to remove the burden on the refrigerant dryer for ensuring compressed air is suitable dry for end instruments/tools

Compact layout
– Minimum foot-print design whilst still having large 500L air receiver for efficient VSD operation

Call and speak to Callum on 1300 062 377 for any enquiries.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 190 × 100 × 190 cm


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