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Uncompromising Quality, Service & Knowledge

Air Tools WA provides high quality compressed air solutions from highly recognized brands to an extremely diverse customer base.

Specialising in a wide range of air tools (from diesel air compressors to rotary screw compressors), as well as offering a huge selection of air compressor parts and accessories (including air fitting, air piping, air hose reels, etc.)

We also offer delivery and installation services and is truly your one-stop-shop for air compressors in Perth!

With over a decade of experience in servicing businesses (small and large) in WA, we will help you upgrade or set up your air compression system to increase your productivity and decrease your expenses!

So whether you’re looking for a high quality small air compressors or a good value piston air compressor, we will make sure you get the best products on the market at the best prices!

If you’d like to know more about the way a petrol air compressor works, or you aren’t quite sure what to do with a 3 phase compressor, or have any other air compression queries, no question is off limits – our friendly team of experts is always happy to help!

Give Cameron or the Team a call to book a consultation today!

Since its beginnings in 2002, Air Tools WA has taken pride in its three main core values:

At Air Tools WA, we don’t sell any air compressor, pneumatic tool, gauge, air fitting, or even an air filter—unless it meets our rigorous standards. In other words:

If We Wouldn’t Use the Air Tool Ourselves, Then We Won’t Sell It.


At Air Tools WA you do not have to make the difficult decision between cheaper, inferior products (that’ll cost you more time and money on repairs, etc.) and over-priced products that you just have to take a chance on – we guaranteed air compressors and air tools at affordable prices, without having to compromise on their quality! 

If you’re looking for air compressors in WA, we may offer you options that may not necessarily be specific to your exact needs. Here, we understand that compressed air solutions can only be intelligent if they take requirement specifications seriously, and we do our best to do just that!

Efficient Air Tool Maintenance
and Services

We offer air tool maintenance and repair services as well as consultations – having consulted hundreds of businesses, from small industrial workshops to massive mining projects, our team will give you invaluable, expert advice on how to run your workplace more efficiently!

Our Air Tools Specialist Team



Rosemary has over 20 years administering and managing successful businesses. Rosemary looks after the day-to-day administration of the business as well as accounts & operations.

Cameron Mardardy - Airtools WA



Cam is the owner and Director of Airtools WA. Cam comes from a successful business background

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