Air Chipping Hammers

When you’re doing any kind of concrete demolition work, it’s important to know the best tools for getting the job done efficiently and safely. You may have heard plenty of names for these products before – air hammers, chipping hammers, air chisels, air chipping chisels, but we want to take a look at why these items are preferred over larger tools.


Air chipping hammers use compressed air to perform a range of different tasks such as chipping away at stone, metal and many other materials. You can use a variety of purpose-built attachments which can be swapped similar to a drill bit, meaning you can also use a chipping hammer to shape and smooth an area, big holes, or simply cut through a surface. Because they draw their power from an air compressor, you remove the risk of electric shock, particularly when working in moist environments. These types of products are favoured for the lightweight construction and improved power-to-weight ratio, giving you more reward for your effort.


Air chipping hammers comprise of a piston which is held inside a cylinder. The air flow pumps the piston up and down, and this is the only moving part of the tool. The drill bit, or attachment, at the end of the tool regulates the speed and force of the piston, so that when the piston hits the drill bit, this is pushed into the surface you’re working on. The piston and drill bit essentially move in opposite forces – the piston pushes the drill bit into the surface and is immediately pushed upwards again, allowing the drill bit to then move upwards as the piston comes back down. This is how it replicates the movement of a regular hammer.

Choose from a variety of different drill bits to suit the job – a hammer tip for shaping materials, a chisel tip for scoring and cutting, round tips for punching holes and many, many more.


At Airtools WA we have our very own brand of air hammers, designed to make your chipping, chiselling, hammering or concrete demolition work as easy as possible. The exclusive Stutz brand of products are manufactured in Taiwan and are purpose built for heavy duty use in the harshest environments, and they are seriously built to last. We’ve been supplying these products for over 15 years and we absolutely love their ergonomic design, low recoil, and the enhanced power-to-weight ratio we can achieve when compared to larger tools.

In addition to our Stutz range, we also supply products from other leading suppliers Chicago Pneumatic and Atlas Copco. We have tools that are fit for any job, and you can check our site here for our range of air chippers, air scalers, mini air chipping hammer kits for smaller jobs, and our most popular product – the Stutz Triple Head Scabbler. To find out more and see how we can help with your air tool needs, contact us today.

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