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CLOSE: Wednesday 22nd of December

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Air Dryers

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Air dryers

In commercial and industrial facilities, air dryers are essential in preventing corrosion or damage to machines. They keep off moisture and contaminants from pneumatic systems and pipelines. By separating water from an industrial process, air dryers ensure the longevity of valves, compressors, and air motors of a machine.

There are three main ways you can keep moisture away, either with Desiccant Air Dryers, Water Separators or Refrigerated Air Dryers. At Airtools WA we can supply you with a full range of equipment in all three types.

Refrigerated air dryers

Thinking of an ordinary home refrigerator? Well, the home refrigerator and the refrigerated air dryers both use the compressed air process. This means that it works by dehumidifying air by cooling it, then condensing it before draining the moisture and other contaminants off.

It is a major type of air dryer which is common in industrial applications that require no moisture, especially in manufacturing facilities. A cycling refrigerated air dryer works by maintaining the dew point at a constant temperature while the non-cycling dryers work by shutting down and restarting to maintain the required temperature. Most dryers’ dew point is between 35F to 40F.

Benefits of using refrigerated air dryers for air compressors

Air compressors work by concentrating various elements of the air into a smaller space and pressurizing it. The condensation may negatively affect a facility through corrosion, freezing or other problems. This is why a compressed air dryer is vital in removing water vapour from the compressor. The benefits include:

  • Saves energy
  • Extends the life of the air compressor
  • Improves productivity and efficiency of the compressor
  • Ensures high-quality air
  • Low initial cost

Desiccant air dryers

They are vital in protecting sensitive products against any humidity in the air. They use a substance that has a high affinity for water like silica gel and activated alumina as the dehumidifying agent. The two-tower desiccant air dryer uses one tower for drying and the other for regenerating. The single tower which is common in hazardous and corrosive environments dries the air in an environment.

Types of desiccant air dryers

Heatless dryers/ blower purge dryer draws moisture and a pressure-swing system is used to regenerate it. It uses hot air blowers to expel the desiccant agent so that it can absorb moisture effectively.

Things to consider when buying an air dryer

Before any purchases, know the different types of dryers available and how they work. Get relevant information from the firm you are purchasing. Other considerations are:

  • Installation, how easy is it?
  • Energy efficiency
  • The environment will be operating in
  • The temperature required
  • The desired dew point
  • Uses of the compressed air
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