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Air Impact Wrenches

Are you a professional mechanic? Or do you like to tinker from time to time? Then you should not miss this tool!

The Air Impact Wrench is essential for any mechanic and present in almost every garage. It is used to bolt or unbolt, screw and unscrew nuts and screws as when you change your tires or your brake pads, you just need to supply it with compressed air using a compressor and thus, a striking mechanism composed of a motor, an anvil, an impactor and a spring will ensure the work of this tool.

Before buying your Air impact wrench, however, it is necessary to know more about the characteristics in order to ensure a good choice and a correct and efficient use, especially if you plan to equip your new garage with good mechanical equipment. You should know that to choose the best air impact wrench, you have to check and take into account two main factors: the tightening torque and the number of impacts.

The torque is measured in Newton-meters and represents the tightening force and therefore the power of the bolting and unbolting, so it is essential to check the tightening torque tables to better understand your needs and the necessary torques. Alternatively, you can chat with our experts who will guide you with the best product for your needs.

The number of impacts determines the speed of the execution of the tightening and the higher it is, the greater the efficiency of the tool.

Shop of our range of impact wrenches online or come and visit us at our showroom located at 19 Mordaunt Cct, Canning Vale WA 6155.

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