CLOSE: Wednesday 22nd of December

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CLOSE: Wednesday 22nd of December

RE-OPEN: Tuesday 4th of January

Air Jacks

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Air Hydraulic Jacks

When working on a site, you often need to lift heavy loads, potentially including those that the manpower on-site isn’t capable of dealing with manually. In the case that your team needs support in lifting heavy objects to complete maintenance, take a look at our range of air jacks. Read on to learn more about air jacks, their versatility and why they are key to a workplace.

Air Jack for Trucks

When completing maintenance on a truck it is key that you have the right jack for the job. Without the right jack, you run the risk of not being able to lift the truck into place, or worse, lifting the truck only for it to give way when an employee is underneath it. When looking for an air hydraulic jack, you should ensure that the following are right for your needs:

– The weight that your jack is rated to handle.
– The air and water pressure that your jack operates best at.
– The space requirements of your workplace.
– Whether or not you need the air jack to be mobile.
– The air that your tools are expected to consume in normal operation.

Portable Air Jack

When you’re completing mechanical work on vehicles the mobility of your air jacks can be vital. The ability to move your air jacks means that you can deal with vehicles that you’re not able to move and may even be able to offer roadside assistance to those that can’t get to the jacks they need for support.

It is important to remember that portable air jacks are less likely to be rated for the highest of weight requirements. This is because they are less set in place and may suffer from issues such as slip when put under too much pressure. Be aware of the weight limits of your jack, as not doing so puts your employees at risk of serious harm.

Air Jacks for Sale

If you’re interested in making use of an air jack, or even an air jack hammer, check out Air Tools WA today. We offer a wide range of air tools and pneumatic equipment all designed to make sure that you can handle all of the loads you need to at your workplace.

We are proud to have been selling air tools for almost two decades all across Western Australia, ensuring that all of our customers get the quality products they deserve.

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