Air Manifolds

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Air Manifolds

Compressed Air Manifolds, air pigs both large and small. Get the air supply divided to where you need it with these industrial air manifold systems.

Benefits of Air Manifolds

No matter what air compression tools you’re using (single phase air compressors, screw compressors, etc.), air manifolds allow you to run multiple tools off a single air supply (each tool can be isolated when needed). Air manifolds come in different shapes, sizes, levels of complexity, and number of junctions; each is designed to be suited to different purposes and requirements.

Take a look at our product listings for a comprehensive look at all our air accessories and fittings. All air compressors require some form of air fittings and couplings (from 3 phase air compressors to single phase compressors); in order for these air tools to function optimally, you need appropriate, high quality air fittings and here at Air Tools WA, we aim to help you do just that! Shop at our showroom in Perth Western Australia or shop online, we delivery Australia wide.

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