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Chicago Pneumatic CPVS 50 PM Rotary Screw Compressor, VSD 37kw, 226cfm

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Chicago Pneumatic CPVS 50 PM Rotary Screw Compressor, VSD 37kw, 226cfm


With operational efficiency in mind, Chicago Pneumatic has designed the CPVS PM, a range of variable speed direct driven compressors to offer your business a compressed air solution that adds value and saves you money at the same time. How? Through ground-breaking iPM motor technology that pushes energy efficiency to the next level, providing you with energy savings of up to 45%. Since the CPVS 50 PM is a variable speed drive energy saving rotary screw compressor, it will match its output based on your CFM demand, therefore saving you on energy costs.

Continuous investment in product development has resulted in our most innovative and energy efficient compressor to date. A ground-breaking drive train coupled with our Imperium inverter has pushed energy efficiency to the next level.

This CPVS 50 PM is a 50hp variable speed drive compressor. It is rated to displace up to 226cfm and will regulate its output between 68-226 cfm depending on your plants requirement. You can easily adjust the pressure via the ES4000 microprocessor controller.

  • Energy savings up to 45%
  • Imperium Inverter driven
  • Oil-cooled iPM Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Reliable productivity & operational efficiency
  • Peace of mind investment
  • User-friendly operation & maintenance
  • Easy installation

Our Chicago Pneumatic CPVS PM Compressor Range

Model Pressure Motor Capacity* Noise Connection Dimensions
Mpa hp kW I/s cfm dB(A)±2 G Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
CPVS 20 PM 0.7-1.3 20 15 6.6-36 14-77 70 3/4 1100 850 1080
CPVS 25 PM 0.7-1.3 25 18.5 10-57 21-120 70 1 1250 950 1180
CPVS 30 PM 0.7-1.3 30 22 12-64 25-135 73 1 1250 950 1180
CPVS 40 PM 0.7-1.3 40 30 22-94 47-199 74 1 1/2 1330 950 1200
CPVS 50 PM 0.7-1.3 50 37 32-107 68-226 73 1 1/2 1330 950 1200
CPVS 60 PM 0.7-1.3 60 45 33-145 69-307 71 1 1/2 1723 980 1600
CPVS 75 PM 0.7-1.3 75 55 40-188 85-399 75 2 1656 1089 1840
CPVS 95 PM 0.7-1.3 100 75 43-215 92-456 79 2 1656 1089 1840
CPVS PM series 7.5-250kW 50 Hz




Chicago Pneumatic CPVS 50 PM Rotary Screw Compressor, VSD 37kw, 226cfm

A leap in energy efficiency with Inverter driven with iPM motor technology

The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS 50 PM oil-injected screw compressors – represents a pinnacle of innovation in rotary screw air compressors, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. Expertly engineered with efficiency and reliability in mind, the CPVS PM series compressors offer a variable speed drive (VSD) and permanent magnet motors, ensuring that air delivery is precisely matched to the required demand, reducing energy consumption and costs.

CPVS PM Series range from 7.5 – 75 kW / 10 – 100 HP


  • Low sound enclosure
  • Min/Max outlet pressure: 60-188 psi
  • 30-100% capacity
  • Networking capability
  • Separate oil and air coolers
  • 2-stage filtration
  • Base mounted
  • iPM Motor – In-house designed interior permanent magnet motor with IE4 efficiency. Oil-cooled for optimal cooling at all speeds.
  • Imperium Inverter – In-house designed Imperium inverter ensures perfect match between air demand and air supply.
  • Separate Coolers – Separate oil and air cooler for high-quality cooling and long lifetime of the coolers.
  • Radial Fan – Highly efficient and low-noise radial fan as standard.
  • ES4000T Controller – Easy-to-use, graphical touchscreen display with integrated connectivity (ICONS) to optimise and save energy.


Compressor type: Screw
Noise Level: 73 dB(A)
Working pressure: 7-13BAR
Air Delivery: 68-226cfm / 4895-6596L/m
Motor 37kW – 50HP
Electric: 400V/3Ph/50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1330 x 950 x 1200
Weight: 413
Warranty: 1 Year & 2 Years for Air End with Chicago Pneumatic


Innovating Where it Matters Most.

Compressed air drives your processes and with it, the operational efficiency and performance of your company. With this principle in mind, Chicago Pneumatic has designed the CPVS PM, a range of variable speed, oil-injected screw compressors with iPM motor technology to offer your business a compressed air solution that adds value and saves you money at the same time.

Revolutionary Drive Train Technology

Improved energy efficiency saves you money

  • In-house designed iPM motor with IE4 Super Premium Efficiency
  • New generation in-house designed screw elements, with improved efficiency
  • Integrated direct drive transmission (3) for minimal losses
  • Smart inlet valve optimises the inlet flow and improves efficiency

Increased reliability extends lifetime

  • iPM motor rated IP66, premium protection against dust and water ingress
  • Globally renowned screw elements, proven in thousands of installations
  • Optimal cooling at all speeds and conditions thanks to oil-cooling principle of the iPM motor.

Maintenance-free design minimises downtime

  • No re-greasing of the motor bearing needed.
  • Coupling-free direct drive design, no maintenance needed.
  • Smart inlet valve, no maintenance needed.

A Big Leap in Energy Efficiency
The smart, energy-efficient solution for your industrial needs. The CPVS has been designed with the customer in mind with maintenance-free components, lower cost of ownership and a smart controller that monitors and protects the compressor

Variable Speed Drive Permanent Magnet Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Why Energy Efficiency?
Energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of your compressed air installation should be a major focus to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Why variable speed compressors?
As a majority of customers have a variable demand for compressed air, variable speed compressors are proven to be superior to fixed speed compressors when it comes to reducing the energy costs. By matching the air supply to the air demand, unload losses are avoided, and energy costs reduced on average by 30%

Why invest in CPVS PM?
In the CPVS PM range we have combined our Imperium variable speed technology with our new and highly efficient drive train iPM motor technology. This evolves the energy efficiency of variable speed compressors to a new level, resulting in energy savings of up to 45%.

Cost energy reduction and sustainability
Up to 45% of energy savings and an average cut of 25% in the compressor, lifecycle cost thanks to IE3 motors or Variable Speed technology, combined with the direct driven transmission design: optimal efficiency, lubrication and cooling and long service intervals.

Easy and fast access for service
All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. Oil-level eye at the front.

Customisable with a wide range of options
This rotary screw compressor range is available in Variable Speed direct–driven and Fixed speed gear-driven versions. Customisable options include energy recovery to reduce the energy bill and canopy heaters for low-temperature installation.

Additional information

Weight 413 kg
Dimensions 168 × 95 × 150 cm


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