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Common Air Compressor Maintenance Mistakes

Why is it important to know about common air compressor maintenance mistakes? When you’re spending good money on air compression systems, two of the things you want are efficiency and reliability. Efficient systems mean less down-time, more productivity, and in theory, a better profit margin for your business. Reliable systems mean you save money on costly and unnecessary repairs.

With these two things affecting a company’s bottom line, it’s crazy to think you wouldn’t do everything possible to improve efficiency and reliability. One of the best ways you can do that is with regular maintenance, but there’s a few common aspects of air compressor maintenance that people often forget.

Ignoring Air Leaks

Did you know that one small air leak can waste up to half of the air going through a compressed air system? For example, if you’re running a 100psi system and have a ¼ inch leak, you’ll be losing around 100 CFM. To put that into perspective, you need to know how much your system costs to run. At an estimated $0.07kW, you could be losing over $12,000 every year if your system runs 24/7. That’s just from one leak.

It isn’t just the pipes that need to be checked regularly though. Keep a close eye on valves, connections and fittings. When you could be losing thousands of dollars every year, you’ll agree that fixing air leaks quickly is certainly a priority.

Ignoring Pressure Loss in the Piping System

Decreased pressure in your system is inevitable – to an extent. However, it should never be more than a 10% loss at any given time. To find the cause of a pressure drop, you’ll usually want to check for issues with the pipes or weakness at the filters and dryers.

The common mistake many people make is just increasing the system pressure to compensate. Not only does this obviously cost more in energy costs, but it also puts extra strain on the compressor. Ultimately, you’re looking at increased wear and tear throughout your entire system, which means repair costs and more frequent replacement of parts.

Failure to Manage Condensation

Condensation builds up during the air-cooling process. This is natural, but it needs to be managed properly. Without proper air compressor maintenance to manage condensation, you’re opening yourself up to a huge range of problems, such as:

  • Poor air quality at the end point
  • Loss of lubrication (leading to unnecessary wear and tear)
  • Contaminants effecting pipes, valves, and pneumatic tools
  • Issues with compressor circuitry
  • Drains building up with sludge

Good air compressor systems will have drains to take care of condensation issues, but the big mistake is not checking them regularly. They can be a source of the problem they’re supposed to fix, so make sure you’re testing them regularly.

Get Expert Advice on Air Compressor Maintenance

When you buy from Air Tools WA, you’re not just getting the best products at the best prices. You’re also getting professional service and advice. We’re experts in all aspects of air compressor systems, from installation to servicing and repairs. Don’t make costly air compressor maintenance mistakes. Contact us today and keep your gear running with efficiency and reliability.

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