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What Is the Function of An Air Filter?

What Is the Function of An Air Filter?

The air output from the air compressor is typically hot, dirty & wet, therefore unfit for a number of applications. Moreover, the bad quality of air often has a toll on the downstream equipment, causing …

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What Are Compressed Air Piping Systems?

What Are Compressed Air Piping Systems?

COMPRESSED AIR PIPING SYSTEMS The concept behind compressed air systems is simple in theory. We’re talking about transferring air from one part of your workshop to another where a device can use the energy your compressor creates. …

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The purpose of an air compressor system

The purpose of an air compressor system

An air compressor is a machine that will produce compressed air and transfer this air pressure as energy to power different types of devices or machines or even conduct some industrial processes, such as petroleum coking, among …

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Compressed Air Solutions
and Services

Airtools WA provides high quality compressed air solutions from highly recognized brands to an extremely diverse customer base.

Specialising in a wide range of air tools (from diesel air compressors to rotary screw compressors), as well as offering a huge selection of air compressor parts and accessories (including air fitting, air piping, air hose reels, etc.)

We also offer delivery, installation and repair services and is truly your one-stop-shop for air compressors in Perth!


We are your number one choice for air compressor repairs and servicing, offering repairs, maintenance and emergency on-site repairs throughout Perth, WA.

Air Compressor Servicing & Repairs - Airtools WA


Airline installations are designed for maximum productivity and efficiency. A correctly installed system with minimum impact to business productivity.


Every workshop is different and regardless of size, each requires a custom solution. We can assist with both large and small scale new installations.

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