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Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors – CP SpiralAir

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SPR 2-30 oil-free scroll compressors provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in a wide range of industries. Continuous investment in research and development has resulted in economical and ecological compressors.



Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors – CP SpiralAir

Chicago Pneumatic SpiralAIS   1.5-22kw

The European made SprialAir is Chicago Pneumatic’s 100% Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor.
Easy to use, efficient and reliable, the SprialAIR Series meets the compressed air demands of many industries including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Electronics and more.


SPR 2-30 oil-free scroll compressors provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in a wide range of industries. Continuous investment in research and development has resulted in economical and ecological compressors.

Oil-free quality air

  • Ultimate 100% oil-free, clean air.
  • No filtration system required to remove residual oil along the network.

Energy efficiency

  • No unload power consumption.
  • Standard equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motor.

Ultimate reliability and serviceability

  • High quality materials, with a minimal number of moving parts ensure a long operating life with minimal service interventions.
  • No need for oil change and oil waste management.
  • Service friendly vertical layout.

High-efficiency, high-quality air

The SPR 2-30 range provides top class performance, premium efficiency and quality. What’s more, with an oil-free compressor, you are also reducing your total cost of ownership in three ways:

  1. by avoiding expensive filter replacements,
  2. cutting maintenance costs for treating oil condensate and;
  3. the costs of extra energy needed to combat pressure drop across filters.

Premium Performance

  • Pressure rating up to 10 bar
  • Output from: 4.0 to 86.5 cfm
  • Sound levels as low as 53 dB

Premium Efficiency

  • Built-in dryer to reduce downstream pressure drop
  • Latest in-house designed compression technology
  • Standard equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motor

Premium Quality

  • ISO 8573-1 Class 0* certfied quality air
  • Corrosion proof material
  • Ambient temperature sensor:
    • Standard available on the SpiralAIR Multi
    • Identification & logging of shutdowns
    • Adjustment of service schedule

Class 0: eliminating any risk

Class 0 represents the best air quality possible. In critical environments it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. Contamination by even the smallest quantities of oil can cause costly production downtime and product spoilage, resulting in product recalls and loss of reputation.

One package – multiple benefits

Check out the innovative features of the SPR 2-30 range and see how they provide you with maximized efficiency, excellent air quality and low noise levels.

State-of-the-art element

  • Highly efficient profile.
  • Robust, reliable design and easy access for service.
  • Lower vibration levels.

High-efficiency motor

  • High-efficiency IE3 / NEMA Premium motors as a standard.
  • Totally enclosed air-cooled IP 55 class F motor for heavy duty operation.

Integrated dryer

  • Integrated into the package to reduce footprint, maintenance and installation cost.
  • Designed to guarantee a constant pressure dew point of +3°C PDP.
  • Ensures the delivery of dry high-quality air.

Sound insulated canopy

Allows installation in most working environments without requiring a separate compressor room.

Cool canopy

  • Increased ventilation due the vertical design.
  • Lower element & air outlet temperatures.
  • Oversized cooler improving the performance of the unit.
  • Improved canopy design: better dryer performance and easy access.

Scroll technology: how does it work?

Air compression is achieved through the orbital motion of two spirals. One being static, the second mobile, their interaction pulls the air into the compression chamber. In a regular and continuous way, the mobile spiral compresses the air through a reduction of the volume. The air flow is directed to the centre of the spiral after which it is cooled.

As the spirals never make any contact, this compression process does not require any lubrication. Consequently, Spiralair compressors guarantee 100% oil-free compressed air.

Variable Air Delivery

The SPR 10-30 units are equipped with multiple scroll modules. The units utilize Variable Air Delivery technology which controls the required number of modules depending on your air demand. Hence, the Spiralair Multi can adjust to demand fluctuations.

The intelligent controller prevents simultaneous start of the modules and ensures a very narrow pressure band is maintained. This optimizes the efficiency of the compressor and guarantees a very stable system pressure.

Control & monitoring

The Spiralair range comes with a wide variety of control and monitoring features that allow you to increase your compressor’s efficiency and reliability. The SPR 2-8 are equipped with an Electro Pneumatic Control which automatically starts/stops the unit when the required working pressure is reached. The SPR 10-30 come with a Graphic Controller.

Intelligent Graphic Controller (SPR 10-30)

The multiple control and monitoring features of the controller on the SPR 10-30 units dramatically increases the compressor’s efficiency and reliability. Efficiency is maximized by controlling the main drive motor and regulating the system pressure within a pre-defined and narrow pressure band.

Control and monitoring features:

  • Warning indications.
  • Graphical indication service plan.
  • Integrated sequence for up to 6 compressors limiting the energy consumption and equalizing running hours across your whole system.
  • Online visualisation of running conditions.


A wide range of options enables you to get the most out of your Spiralair compressor.

General options (SPR 2-8)

  • Tank-mounted solution – 30 litre
    • 270 litre
    • 500 litre
  • Phase sequence relay

Air quality options (SPR 2-8)

  • Integrated refrigerant dryer
  • Prefiltration kit
  • Water Separator Drain (WSD) (not in combination with an integrated refrigerant dryer)
  • Electronic drain on air receiver
    • Standard for 30 litre
    • Optional for 270 & 500 litre

Energy efficiency option (SPR 10-30)

  • ES6i integrated multiple compressor control for up to 6 compressors

For further information on how our options can optimize your operations, please contact us.

100% oil-free scroll compressor provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics and textiles that cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. Range from 2-30 HP

Spiral AIR known for ultimate 100% oil-free clean air contains no filtration system to remove oil along the network. Equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motor these machines an energy efficient that does not unload power consumption. These machines are made of high quality material that require minimal number of moving parts, minimal service interventions and no oil change and oil waste management thus ensuring long operating life.

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