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Since 1962, Peerless has been a loved and trusted Australian brand. From humble beginnings, they’ve grown to have the largest range of air compressors in the Australian market. Peerless lives by its motto, ‘The integrity of Peerless is our people. The quality of Peerless is our world class products. The excellence of Peerless is our service.’

To Peerless, these aren’t just words. They’re widely recognised for their outstanding dedication and commitment to their dealer network, which Airtools WA are proud to be part of. Offering unbeatable guarantees on their quality of range of air compressors, Peerless are true industry leaders who know the value of great products and great service.


Peerless are proud of having the largest range of air compressors in Australia. Their experience in the manufacture of air compressors is second to none, which is why they have designed and manufactured compressors to suit any need.

Whether you’re looking for petrol, diesel or electric air compressors, there’s guaranteed to be a Peerless product to suit your needs. Airtools WA are your local experts for Peerless’ state of the art piston air compressor range. The range includes single phase, three phase, electric and the extremely popular oil-less and silent range.

The Peerless range is built to withstand tough conditions, which is why they’re a trusted brand for medium-large workshops, as well as the construction and mining industry. Peerless products handle the heavy work, and they’re built to last.


When customers think of air compressors, it’s not just the extensive Peerless range that impresses. Every Peerless compressor is built with heavy duty cast iron slow-revving pumps. This is just one of the reasons Airtools WA is proud to be your local Peerless distributor. Over-revving an air compressor pump reduces efficiency and causes unnecessary wear and tear which shortens the product’s life span. We want the best for our customers, which is why we choose Peerless.

While proudly Australian, Peerless also use world-leading componentry from Europe, Japan, China and the USA. Only the best will do for their high-performance, heavy duty air compressor range, and they’ll search far and wide to ensure only the toughest, most reliable componentry is used in their products.


Having worked closely with Peerless for a number of years, Airtools WA are proud to be your local distributor for their incredible range of piston air compressors. But we won’t stop there! When you deal with Airtools WA you’re getting the best advice around, from experienced industry professionals.

Don’t just jump into your purchase – our experts not only provide installation services, but we can also help to assess your air compressor system needs prior to purchase.

Airtools WA also provides all parts and accessories for your Peerless air compressors, and our skilled technicians also offer onsite or off-site servicing. Our mining and construction customers are never disappointed with their quality Peerless products, because they’re built to last in even the harshest environments. Contact us today to find out why!

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