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Diesel-Powered Air Compressors with Yanmar Engines

At Air Tools WA, we have a superb selection of Puma air compressors for you to choose from. Contact us today to find out more.

Experience the power of Puma diesel air compressors

Air Tools WA stocks the latest line of Puma diesel air compressors, powered by genuine Yanmar L-N series diesel engines that offer exceptional reliability. The latest line of Puma diesel air compressors uses a direct fuel injection system that allows for exceptionally high power outputs, but with fantastic fuel efficiency.

Puma is well-known for its innovative and dependable designs, and its latest range is no different. Featuring a long-stroke compressor pump for superior free-air delivery, as well as a full cast-iron construction, the latest Puma diesel-powered air compressors are built to last. The entire range of Puma diesel air compressors is Mine Spec compliant and includes an emergency killswitch and fuel shutoff control valve.

The benefits of Puma diesel-powered air compressors

  • Puma’s exclusive Hi-Flow pump system – Puma have developed an innovative long-stroke pump design that is built to deliver incredibly high flow rates at low pump speeds. The cast-iron construction can withstand these flow rates with no issues, ensuring a long lifespan and exceptional reliability.
  • Electric start functionality – All Puma diesel air compressors have the option to include electric start technology. Never strain yourself with rope pull starting again with the electric start and e-stop system found on the latest Puma compressors.
  • Stay powered up with a 12-volt battery kit – Transform your electric start compressor into a standalone device with a 12-volt battery kit add-on. Included is a battery, insulated leads and a bespoke bracket system.
  • Powerful Yanmar diesel engine – Enjoy the brilliance of Yanmar’s engineering with direct-injection technology designed for air compressors. Enjoy fantastic fuel efficiency and auto-idle throttle control to regulate engine speeds.
  • Filter regulator – Remove excess dirt, water and grime using the 5-micron filter and improve your pressure control with a filter regulator.
  • Puncture-proof tyres – If you need a mobile diesel air compressor, Puma offers rugged, heavy-duty steel wheels that are perfectly designed for all-terrain transportation.

What to consider when purchasing your diesel air compressor?

  • Operating pressure
  • PSI rating
  • Does it need to be portable?
  • Is the tank size suitable?
  • What are the space and weight requirements?
  • Do you need an electric start motor or rope pull?

If you require any help while searching for the right equipment for your needs, feel free to contact a member of our team at Air Tools WA for assistance.

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