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SMC Pneumatics Australia

SMC is genuinely one of the largest industrial supply companies in the world. They’ve been around since 1959, and they’ve continually grown into the market leader they are today. There’s so many reasons Airtools WA is proud to be Western Australia’s local reseller for the terrific SMC range.

Consider the sheer size of SMC pneumatics. They have a presence in 83 countries, 29 of those with production facilities. They operate local sales and service in a whopping 500 locations. Why are the numbers important? Because you don’t grow to that size without offering great products. From innovative pneumatic solutions in the industry world, SMC have also successfully branched into many other industries. If you’re looking for innovation, reliability, great after-sales support and an enormous range of products, look no further than SMC.

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When you want quality pneumatic solutions that can really take your business to a new level of efficiency, you can’t go wrong with SMC. There’s over 12,000 basic SMC products out in the marketplace, not to mention a massive 700,000 product variations. To say SMC products can provide a solution to any problem would be an understatement. If there’s a need – SMC create the answer.

Through Airtools WA, you can get your hands on a whole range of SMC products. If we don’t keep it in stock, we can get it quickly thanks to our strong relationship with SMC.   

  • Water Separators Vacuum Equipment
  • Air Filters Electric Actuators
  • Air Regulators Push Fittings
  • Tubing Pressure Gauges
  • Air Dryers Temperature Control Equipment
  • Lubricators Detection Switches
  • Air Cylinders Chemical Liquid Valves
  • Air Grippers Solenoid Valves

 Whether you have a smaller workshop compressed air system or a larger industrial setup, there’s an SMC product to suit your needs!


SMC don’t just make products. They engineer high quality solutions for industry. Airtools WA is your local SMC reseller in Western Australia – a relationship we’ve had for over 6 years. We trust the reliability and quality of SMC products. It’s our business to help make your business better – that’s why we sell SMC products.

Whether you’re looking for one-touch fittings, water separators, air filters, regulators, cylinders, tubing, pressure gauges and so much more, we’ve got the expertise to help you find the perfect solution amongst the SMC range.


Air Tools WA is your local reseller for SMC in Western Australia. There’s no doubting the reliability of the SMC range. We can’t speak highly enough of SMC’s quality, and that’s why we’re proud to stock it. For over 6 years we’ve been selling their awesome products, and we will do for many more!

We’ve been trained in many specialist SMC products, and with our staff’s combined 35 years experience in pneumatics, you’re in good hands. If it’s SMC you’re after, you don’t need to look any further than Airtools WA. Our experience, knowledge and specialist expertise makes us the number one choice and SMC’s preferred Western Australian reseller.

For the very best SMC products and solutions, including back-up parts, service and support, contact us today. As your local SMC supplier, contact Cameron on 1300 062 377 for the specialist expert knowledge others can’t offer.

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