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What is a scroll compressor?

What is a scroll compressor?

A scroll compressor (also called spiral compressor, scroll pump and scroll vacuum pump) is a device for compressing air or refrigerant.

Unlike reciprocating technology with many moving parts, the genesis of the scroll compressor performance is an innovative design that uses one scroll or orbiting spiral in path defined by a matching fixed scroll. They operate by compressing air through a moving scroll in a smooth, spiral motion instead of in an upward and downward motion like a piston action in a reciprocating compressor.

As the air passes toward the centre of the scroll, increasingly smaller pockets of air are created that gradually rise in temperature and pressure. The process is relatively silent and vibration-free, as the element has hardly any torque variation as compared to a piston compressor. With fewer moving parts, scroll compressors are energy efficient, reliable, and make for a more durable operation with fewer breakdowns.

Out of the two scrolls, one scroll is a rotatory scroll that rotates using a vibratory link while the other scroll is fixed that remains stationary. When the fluid enters the compressor, the fluid is trapped between the scrolls, and the compression process occurs when the rotatory scroll rotates. The scrolls interact to simultaneously achieving high efficiency and durability.

The Peerless Scroll Compressor

The Peerless Scroll Compressor is a single-phase compressor which allow operators, without access to three phase power, achieve greater air flow than your standard Single Phase Piston Air Compressor.

Compared to a Piston Air Compressor, this Scroll Air Compressor has a 99% duty cycle that enjoys being worked hard, where a Piston Air Compressor requires a duty cycle. Along with being able to work harder than a piston, this scroll compressor delivers 320 litres of air (Free air delivery measured at 8 Bar/116PSI) with an oil less air flow. This makes this well suited for spray painting, breathable applications along with medical equipment operations with further filtration and much more.

The air flow from the Peerless Scroll is equivalent to a 3 Phase Piston Air Compressor giving 545 litres per minutes that require a duty cycle, now that’s some serious air!

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The advantages of a scroll compressor

  • Quieter, more reliable operation
  • Long life operation with reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy efficiency with lower energy costs

Who would use a scroll compressor?

A scroll compressor is designed for the industrial workshop (1-2 man) to the serious DIY handyman that wants greater air flow. The scroll compressors are used in many industries including;

  • Agricultural Sector
  • Automotive Industries
  • Food Packaging
  • Marine Industries
  • Dairy Market
  • Dentists
  • Panel Beaters
  • Spray Painters
  • Tyre Shops

What are the features and benefits of the Peerless Scroll Compressor?

  • Genuine 2.2KW / 3HP Single Phase Motor
  • Certified & registered Pressure Vessel to AS1210
  • Schneider Electrical components
  • Ease of access with service panels
  • Certified safety valve
  • Audible and Visual alarm
  • 110L Air Receiver with pallet feet
  • Super quiet running noise at 62dB(a) (+/- 2)
  • 99% Duty Cycle
  • LED Control Panel
  • Australian owned & local manufacturer
  • Emergency stop button
  • Servicing schedule based upon run hours
  • Every air compressor extensively tested and signed off by a Peerless Specialist

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