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What Is the Function of An Air Filter?

The air output from the air compressor is typically hot, dirty & wet, therefore unfit for a number of applications. Moreover, the bad quality of air often has a toll on the downstream equipment, causing long-term damages to the valves and the cylinder of the equipment. But, with the science evolving with each passing hour, today we have air filters, those are widely employed by industries of diverse complexities and capacities to regulate the air coming off the most common industry equipment, air compressor, doing the filtration and lubrication of the air to ensure optimal performance.

The working of an air filter is quite simplified, it cleans the air which comes out of the air compressor valves.  First of all, the output air of the compressor is strained, and the big/solid particles of the air such as rust, dirt & dust are trapped by the filter. Then, liquid content from the compressed air is taken away, this may include the water and oil liquids.  Not only the air filter ensure the best performance of industrial equipment such as the air motors and the cylinders, but also prevent them deteriorating before their age.  The air filters for commercial purpose come in a variety of sizes in line with your bespoke needs and requirements.  The filters are usually installed with the upper end of the air compressor from where the output pressured air is coming out,  to prevent any sort of air leakage.

The Objective of Investing in An Air Filter

The Benefit associated with buying an air filter for your industrial house is to get rid of the containment in the compressed air that is being supplied to the pneumatic systems.  The primary objective of the  Air Filter is to prevent common damages to the heavy, sensitive equipment. The Air Filter is effective in cutting on the production losses (owing to downtime from containment), which might be putting an extra burden on your financial shoulders.  The downtime in from any equipment not only have an effect on the performance but also costly for any industrial plant. So, therefore, it is a no-brainer to say that an air filter is a perfect addition to your compressed air system.

Buying The Right Air Filter

When shopping for an air filter for your industry, one thing you got to keep in the mind is the maximum pressure drop which can be allowed. The air filter during the process of cleaning up the air usually causes a pressure drop. So, this factor can not be overlooked when searching for an air filter.  You can determine the amount of pressure drop that will happen from your prospective air filter via carefully understanding the low curves chart provided by the manufacturer of the filter.

To Wrap Up

Today, there are so many brands out there, choosing the right one for your industry seems baffling, but with proper research work, you can manage that with ease. Also, it is advised to read the specifications for the product carefully before buying the air filter.

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