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What to Look for in a Hydraulic Jack

If you’re in the market for a hydraulic jack, there’s a few things you should be looking out for when you make your purchase. Needless to say, safety is paramount if you’re going to be working under heavy vehicles. But it’s not the only consideration.

The hydraulic jack you choose needs to be able to do the heavy lifting you need, in a safe and effective manner. It also needs to suit your workshop and the type of work you do. A hydraulic jack that isn’t suited to purpose will end up being a waste of valuable money.

To find out more, read on for this handy hydraulic jack buyers guide.

Know What You’re Lifting – Hydraulic Jack Lifting Capacity

One of the most important considerations when choosing a hydraulic jack is understanding the lifting capacity, and knowing what your requirements are. The first and most important way to do this is to understand the weight of the vehicles you’re lifting. If you only work on light vehicles, for example, you may opt for a hydraulic jack with a lower lifting capacity.

If you work primarily on larger vehicles such as trucks, buses, or farming equipment, you’ll need a much larger lifting capacity. It’s important to also know how high you need to lift, because a hydraulic jack’s lifting capacity reduces depending on how many steps you go up. For example, a jack that can handle 50 tons at the lowest step, will only manage around 15 tons by the third step.

Air Tools WA stocks a range of bottle jacks (regular and squat) as well as trolley jacks. Our products range from 5 ton all the way up to 50 ton, so you can be assured to find the right product for your needs.

Make Sure Your Hydraulic Jack Suits Your Work Area

Most importantly, your hydraulic jack needs to work for you. This means buying a product which is going to suit your workshop, as well as the height requirements of the vehicles you work on. Many of the older style hydraulic jacks, particularly bottle jacks, may not fit under some of the ‘low profile’ vehicles on the market these days. If you work on such vehicles, you may need to consider a squat bottle jack, or alternatively a trolley jack with a suitable lifting capacity. You can also consider height extensions, for example on the Chicago Pneumatic 30 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack.

You’ll also want to check the air pressure requirements on any jack you buy. Every hydraulic jack needs a certain amount of air pressure to operate properly, so make sure your compressed air system can handle it.

Another aspect to consider is how you do your work. There’s plenty of operational functions you may look at, such as:

  • Handle length
  • Ease of access to controls
  • Wheel quality
  • Weight/Size (for transport)
  • Can it be easily packed up/set up if you offer a mobile service

Quality and Reliability

This is probably a given – nobody wants to go and buy products that aren’t going to last the distance. But it’s really important that you do your research and getting expert advice – not all hydraulic jacks are created equal!

Air Tools WA only stocks quality products that are tried and proven to offer effective operation under heavy conditions. If you want durability, don’t try and find the cheapest gear on the market. It’s true that you get what you pay for, and if you’re not looking for quality and reliability, you’ll end up paying for what you get.

Hydraulic Jacks at Air Tools WA

Air Tools WA are your local experts in hydraulic jacks and all your compressed air needs. Stocking products such as Chicago Pneumatic, you know you’re getting quality from Air Tools WA. We also make sure any hydraulic jack you purchase is fully operational and tested before you take possession. Our expert knowledge ensures you get great service, great products and great advice, so contact us today.

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